Our Mission
To provide simple and reliable phone solutions to businesses that are smart, ambitious, and building for the future.
Our story
In 2012 VoIPLy was founded with a big agenda. We saw the market change and that companies were going to need to communicate in a faster and more efficient way. We understood then that the “Cloud” was not a phase but in fact was the way of the future. So we developed a cloud based unified communication system that utilizes the latest technologies. We wanted to be not only a part of the change but in the forefront of servicing SMB’s around the globe. We are proud to say that our hard work has paid off. Over 5,000 companies now trust VoIPLy Cloud Phones and we have just begun. With VoIPLy, businesses can simply operate and migrate over to a powerful, feature filled, and compliant phone system. You don’t have to be an expert to set up one of our hosted phone systems. We’ve made it easy and affordable.
Our values
Simplicity, reliability, and customer service are the core values that drive everything we do at VoIPLy. We provide simple solutions to complex problems; we understand the value of reliable phone systems and are always putting our customers first. Because let’s face it, without our customers we wouldn’t have a business. At VoIPLy, we work as a team... always focused on you. We understand that we are accountable to you, our customers and partners, and our goal is to empower your success with our values.
Our people
Our employees all have special talents and are experts in their fields. That's why we’re rated among the top UCAAS companies in customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest possible support and service. We use and believe in our products every day. When you call and speak with our Customer Success Team pay attention to our HD sound quality. We are certain you will love what you hear.
Over 5,000 Happy Customers Served
Meet a few of them